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    Facilitation Services

    Do you need an experienced facilitator to effectively allow all to participate in your meeting?


    Our facilitators are specially trained in complex, up-to-date strategies to work with groups to achieve desired outcomes. We make efficient use of time that permits all to participate (including the organizational leader), and we:

    • Provide an “outside” perspective that clarifies actions by asking the right questions

    • Handle conflict from a neutral external perspective – no taking sides

    • Capture the action items, identify who is responsible and determine completion date

    • Create summary actions and follow-up

    • Provide hands-on exercises to promote teamwork

    • Enable the organizational leader to focus on the desired meeting outcome instead of logistics, materials, agendas

    • Offer facilitation services using the Appreciative Inquiry method, which emphasizes a positive approach to organizational strategy, as well as employee development

    Dick Larkin

    ​Dr. G. Richard Larkin is a faculty member and previous director of...

    Amin Asfari

    Dr. Amin Asfari serves as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice...

    Christie Wills

    Christie Wills, MPA is a certified facilitator, coach and communications...

    Erik McNair

    Erik McNair, MSCE, MSEE, has wide-ranging experience helping...