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    Organizational Development

    Does your group need organizational development know-how?

    Whether your group is experiencing rapid growth or in need of recalibration, our members offer organizational development guidance that spans the following markets: educational, private, corporate, and nonprofit sectors of any size. 


    We recognize the complexity and unique makeup of each organization, and craft a holistic approach in response.To better assist you, we review your organization's history, understand its current state, and work collaboratively with any key stakeholders to facilitate future success. 


    Our extensive portfolio of successful clients also allows us to draw on previous experiences, benchmark similar organizations, and apply practices best-suited to your needs.

    Dick Larkin

    ​Dr. G. Richard Larkin is a faculty member and previous director of...

    Amin Asfari

    Dr. Amin Asfari serves as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice...

    Christie Wills

    Christie Wills, MPA is a certified facilitator, coach and communications...

    Erik McNair

    Erik McNair, MSCE, MSEE, has wide-ranging experience helping...